Recruitment is an increasingly complex and difficult challenge for all organisations alike, and it is vital that they have confidence in their suppliers' ability to deliver. Stanford Recruitment Consulting is committed to helping our clients achieve their goals by providing a truly professional and consultative service which aims to 'lift' the burden of recruitment away from the client.

Our service covers the full recruitment lifecycle, from taking the requirement and managing the interview process, to successful appointment and ongoing follow-up. Candidates and clients are given detailed feedback at all stages and our consultants stay in contact with candidates to make sure that they are effectively integrated into the company.

Stanford Recruitment Consulting success has been built on fundamental principles that ensure the quality of our service:

  • Market knowledge – All consultants are specialists in their field, each focussing on very specific and narrow technical markets. This ensures that they are able to qualify candidates to the highest standard before CVs are put forward to the client.
  • Understanding the cultural factor – Often overlooked by other recruitment agencies is the importance of cultural fit in the hiring process. We believe that this is fundamental to the success not only of the initial hire but also in ensuring that the candidate then goes on to become a valued and productive employee. Because of this, we ensure that cultural fit is a fundamental part of our qualifying process.
  • Delivery focus – A commitment to deliver in line with our clients expectations in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Quality not quantity – Our focus is on sending a small number of carefully selected candidates, NOT a large quantity of candidates in the hope that one 'sticks'. Perimeters which we will follow rigidly when short-listing candidates include: Salary, Skill Set, Cultural Fit & Geographical Location
  • Quality of Service vs. Profit – We recognise that successful recruitment is about the quality of the service from the individual consultant, not about the size of the company they work for. It is our commitment to our clients that Stanford Recruitment Consulting will only expand at a rate which will NOT compromise the very high level of service which we strive to provide on a daily basis

To source our candidates, we invest heavily in advertising, and also rely on another major investment – our heavily populated database of skilled professionals. Finally, a great strength of Stanford Recruitment Consulting is our commitment to networking, generating referrals and maintaining relationships with key people in the market. This allows us to effectively head-hunt, ensuring that our clients' opportunities will be communicated to the very best people within the marketplace.

If you would like to discuss any of the above mentioned matters further, please contact us on 020 7501 0591 or follow the links to register a vacancy or request a call back.